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Mountain guides


     Do you want to learn about the smallest and the most beautiful alpine mountains in the world ? Hike to generally inaccessible hollows, rangers and peaks of the Tatra mountains ? Spend some time closer to the sun and stars ? Do not hesitate. Try mountain or rock climbing under the guidance of experienced mountain guides - member of the Mountain Rescue Service.
offers a broad range of climbs and hikes in a beautiful High Tatras. The climbs are more difficult than the regular marked tourist trails, but do not exceed the first level of the professional mountain climbing scale.
Will enable you to learn more about your physical condition, your will and personality.
The Rocklimbing school - is open for both beginning and advanced climbers. We offer three-day or special courses during which you will learn a broad range of rockclimbing techniques e.q. knot making, security procedures, rockclimbing to the level of third degree /advanced climbers to the level of the sixth degree/
Rocklimbing - a wide range of limestone training rocks and the slopes of the Tatra mountains will satisfy the needs of the most demanding climbers.

    All activities require a pair of firm rocklimbing shoes,a raincoat and food and drinks. For longer hikes you will need a sleeping bag, mattress and basic equipment for cooking.


    raftingWe focus on a recreational, rafting on two rivers - Vah and Orava. This rafting can be handled by enybody with some swimming experience and will give you easy access to water, fun and nature under the guidance of a instructor. Prior to the start of the adventure , each crew member is instructed and equiped with a rescue vest. Safety instructions are given prior to putting the rafts on the water.
Necessary: sportsdress - swiming suit, fast footwear, dress, footwear
Date : June - August
the Vah river - 1/2 day trip
the Orava river - 1 day trip


    mountain bikesWe offer mountain bike rental service for adults and children in Zavazna Poruba. We can take you to the starting point, pick you up from the destination point and offer you accomodation. Bike routes can be designed according to your needs. You can create your own /use one of recommendation/ or be accompanied by a professional instructor. The choice of bike routes is wide: starting from recreational routes featuring sights and scenery of the Liptov region to demanding routes in the mountain terrain of the High Tatras. The choice, physical condition, time and number of trips are up to you.
Bike rental: mountain bikes - for adults and children, trekking bike, road/street bikes



    Imagine riding the open fields and beautiful scenery of the Liptov valleys. For children and adults. Horseback riding is primarily offered in summer, but winter riding can be arranged as well. It is convenient for families with children, sports rides and beginners. All groups are supervised by skilled instructor.
Type of horses: small sport horses.
You need: sports clothing and boots


    Paragliding is an exciting sport for everyone. For those who love paragliding after their first experience, we paraglidingoffer the chance to gain the International pilots Licence "A" upon completion of the training course.
    Beginner Course - is suitable for all, who want to feel the power of flying and independance. After one day you have the chance to fly. You need trekking boots and sport`s wear. This course are organized on a 90 m hill . During your flight are in constant contact with an instructor .
    Team "A" - a daily intensive training course held in Liptov, for absolute beginners who have the intention to paraglide by themselves in the future. Included in the price is the pilots licence and membership in the Amateur Association of Slovakia. Follow is possible to make course "B"
    Tandem flying - for those people who wish to fly as a couple or with a trained instructor - for everybody who wishes to fly and have an unforgetttable memory, and for those who would like to gain more experience in tandem flying.


     Burton Snowboard schoolSnowboarding
Tomáš Kossuth - BSS
Sídlo firmy: Ul. Bellova Centrum,
03101 Liptovský Mikuláš, SLOVAKIA
Tel./Fax: 00421 44 / 5621594
GSM: 0905 318551
email: burton@snowboard-school.sk

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