Tomáš Kossuth - BSS, Ul. Bellova Centrum, 03101 Liptovský Mikuláš
Tel.: +421/ 44 / 5621594
GSM:: +421/ 905 / 318551

Burton snowboard school, one of the first professional snowboard school in Slovakia is located in Demanovska Dolina - Jasna (Low Tatras mountain), the biggest and the most visited winter recreation resort in Slovakia. Within several years, we increased our service offer and their quality as well.

Currently, we employ 20 professional instructors with several years experience and sufficient language skills. All of them are certified instructors holding the license issued by Snowboard Association of Slovakia.

Our aim is to teach effective and painless, so that every visitor discover already during the first lesson that amazing feeling of the riding on the snowboard. Using modern techniques and teaching approaches we provide high quality snowboard lessons. In the first place we concentrate on the lessons for beginners, but we are able to provide lessons for advanced riders as well, and teach various techniques of the turns according to speed, type of terrain or skitracks.

In 1999, professional snowboard school certificate of the Snowboard Association of Slovakia (SAS) and Ministry of Education approved the quality of BURTON SNOWBOARD SCHOOL services.

Our instructors are prepare to teach people of all classes of age. They are able to be your companion during the private lessons, but they keep under professional manner the group lessons as well. Following their knowledge, experiencese and language skills they do all the best to teach you snowboarding. Except this our instructors knows safety instructions of behaviour on the skitracks, avalanche prevention a in case of need are able to offer the first aid.

The quality snowboard equipment is essential for more comfortable, faster and safer learning of snowboarding.

The rental of quality snowboard gear is included in our service package. Nowadays, we have 70 new, top class snowboard sets and boots from BURTON (worlds leading snowboard brand) available to rent. It is possible to rent snowboard glasses, helmets and protection accessories as well.

You can find us:

Snowboard House Jasná - Biela Púť
Ski School Jasná Jasná - Biela Púť, Hotel Družba
Ski School Jasná Záhradky, Hotel Záhradky
Ski School Voelkl Otupné, Hotel Grand

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