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     Allow us to invite you heartfully in one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of Slovakia. Miloš Janoška author of Liptovthe first Slovak tourist guides declared LIPTOV the most magnificant region of Slovakia.

    The area of Liptov is rich in cultural history and is characterized by folk architecture and folklore (Vlkolínec, Východná, Sliače, Liptovská Osada, Liptovská Lúžna and others). Liptov is surrounded by highest mountains in Slovakia: Vysoké Tatry, Západné Tatry and Choč hills are on the north, Nízke Tatry is on the south, Veľká Fatra is on the west and Poprad is on the east. The river Váh runs 43km through Liptov . You can also find Liptovská Mara Dam.

    This region skiing and hiking and also less traditional sports such as paragliding, rafting, horsebacking, spelungging, look-out flights, mountaineering, hunting and fishing. We have thermal swimming pools and health spas in Bešeňová and Liptovský Ján. Demänovská Valley, Bocká valley, Jánska valley, Maliné - SKIPARK Ruzomberok , Jasná, Chopok are popular winter centres.

region Liptov

    Three of Slovak`s the most breathtaking caves are in Liptov.

     Ružomberok, Liptovský Mikuláš and Liptovský Hrádok are economic and cultural centres. Almost 50per-cent of the area is covered with forests. A great number of mineral and thermal springs rise here especially in Bešeňová, Likavka, Kvačany, Žiar, Pribylina, Závažná Poruba and Liptovský Ján and elsewhere.

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