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Pridané: 2001-09-05 15:05:10
Pridané: 2001-08-24 22:02:49
Hi! I'm a Spanish girl in the summer course of SAS in Bratislava and I love Slovakia! It's really beautiful. During three days we have visited the central Slovakia, and I don't have any words to explain how wonderful your country is. I'm studying Slovakian and Slovak Culture, History and Literature in Madrid and I think I would like to live in your country. Thanks very much for your hospitality!
Pridané: 2001-08-14 19:00:34
Really a nice one. Do not give up improving this site, I would prefere also a link to current exchange rates comp. to SKK. And also some information about Church history in Liptov region. Or did I miss it? Will pass it on.
Pridané: 2001-08-07 04:19:49
Wow! What a fabulous webb site. I had met a Mikeska Family in Slovakia via the internet a few years ago, I have already visited Slovakia twice and love it. The food is fantastic. The country is beautiful and the people are friendly. My great grandparents came to the US from Slovakia. I hope to visit each year with this wonderful Mikeska family. Sincerely, Terry Mikeska San Angelo, Texas USA
Pridané: 2001-07-14 22:15:30
I am the honorary Slovak consul in Denver, Colorado. My grandfather, Louis Fasiang, was born in Bobrovec in 1900, and I still have cousins there who I last visited in June 2000. My great-grandfather, Andrew Punc(h)o, was born in Hubova (then Gombas in Hungarian) in 1876. I would like to hear from anyone with roots in either village. My mail address in Denver is P.O. Box 200340, Denver 80220, and my phone is 303 692 8833; fax 303 692 8557. There's lots to alk about Liptov!
Pridané: 2001-05-21 20:24:09
I'd like to take a moment to tell anyone looking over this site, who might be considering visiting Slovakia, that you will surely not find any more gracious, helpful and kind people throughout the world. What started out as a mission to discover my grandmother's roots in the village of Bobrovec, quickly turned into an adventure full of natural beauty, discovering historical sites and most of all, making some wonderful new friends and realizing the true nature and wonderful culture of the Slovak people. We've never been welcomed by any group of people with such generosity before nor have we ever felt so humbled. Thank you, Marian, for going out of your way to make our visit so remarkable and we're looking forward to our next visit... soon!
Pridané: 2001-04-24 08:50:28
I spent one of the best years of my life in Mikulas. I'm so happy to see a good website for the region and hope that more people visit the gem that is Liptov. For everyone in the guestbook who considers taking a trip to Slovakia, stop considering. Do it. The Slovak people are fantastic, the landscape is breathtaking and the prices are also right. I'd also advise spending as little time as possible in Bratislava, saving the time for central Slovakia instead. As far as capital cities go, Bratislava is not the most impressive. The Liptov region is.
Pridané: 2001-04-23 01:16:32
I just want to say that it is a very nice website and it looks like a beautiful place. It looks like the type of place that would be nice to visit some day!
Pridané: 2001-04-08 15:25:17
Thank you Marian for your help in obtaining web addresses. I appreciate your offer to send me information about the Effenberger family in Ruzomberok, and would like to hear more about the 12th century manorhouse project.In New Jersey and in Pennsylvania there are many Slovak organizations that could be interested in that project.I understand that Ruzomberok was founded in the 13th century, so that manor house would have been built before Ruzomberok was founded.
Pridané: 2001-04-04 12:32:32
Fascinating ! After years abroad and now living in the Nepal Himalaya I discovered your website with pictures of Slovakia where I was born and spent my earliest childhood. Thank you; I really can recommend the Liptov region for visiting and enjoying holidays!
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