The Low Tatras ,which make the National park of Low Tatras ,are the bigest and theprvý sneh second highest mountains in Slovakia.The highest peak in Low Tatras is Dumbier,2043m above sea.Besides the High Tatras they are the most important turistic and ski center of Slovakia.They are orfologicaly devided in two parts: Dumbierske and Kralovske Tatry.They are situated almost in the middle of Slovakia.The Low Tatras are bordered by Liptovska kotlina, Kozie chrbty and Hornadska kotlina on the north, by Slovensky raj on the east, by Horehronske podolie on the south and by Velka fatra and Starohorske vrchy on the west. The main bulding blocks of the mountains are kristalic minerals and karbonic sediments. The main ridge is devided into two parts.The west part is started above the Hiadelske sedlo by an expressive masif Prasivej and is ending in the saddle Certovica 1238 m.Its markant by its rocky surface. The central part between Chabenec 1955 m and Dumbier 2034 m ( the highest peak in Low Tatras ) makes the mightiest impression.
    Starting in Deresov and ending by Dumbier lies the most frekvented turistic and ski center. Another important center of turism is Certovica and Bocianska dolina.The biggest attraction in Low Tatras are numerous karses.The most important is Demanovsky Kars. The cave Damanovska jaskyna slobody is holding the record in number of visitors per year.Its avaregely visited by 180 000 - 210 000 persons a year.The record is 277 313 in year 1962.
    The prettiest lowland of Low tatras is 16 km long.It floraranges from the main ridge between the peaks Dumbier 2043 m, Krupova hola 1927m, Copok 2024 m, Derese 2003 m. Polana 1889 m to the north from Liptovska kotlina.On the sides its bordered by the expresive sideridges.The lowland is a national natural reservation sized 837 ha, where besides the extraodrinary sceneric and estetic values the most valuable is Demanovsky kars.In the upper part of the lowland are many reacreation regions with several hotels.
    For the lovers of turistics Demanovska dolina offers ten marked routes and a rich net of paths, for unexperienced travelers too.In the lower part of the lowland several paths go through a forrest terrain ,through deep canyons and between steep cliffs, in the upper part prevail grassy fields and dwarfed pines. Most of the routes travelers can absolve as a circout. For hysicaly stronger turists the ascents to the highest peaks Chopok and Dumbier which offer the view to almost the half of Slovakia,are very attractive. Most skiiers know the part Jasna laying by the lower station of the funicular to Chopok.Many funiculars , ski tows and terens in the locality Zahradky, Otupne and Chopok - north offer good conditions for skiing.