The beauty of the underworld of the caves attracts each year thousands of people. The uniquity Vrbické lake of the form of the stalcictes and stalagmites which grew in different sizes and colours documnet the power of nature. There are above 4000 known caves in slovakia , only 12 were made public. In the territory of Liptov are 3 public caves. Liptov is rich in the beauty of caves and the region is also known as Liptovsky kars. Demanovsky cave system dominates in Demanovsky kars which is situated in the north of Low Tatras.In Demanovska dolina are 2 public caves.The Demanovska cave of liberty belongs to the pretiest caves of Europe.


    The most visited cave in Slovakia. It's situated in Demanovska dolina on the northern side of Low Tatras, in the National nature reservation Demanovska dolina. In the last period it was visited by 150000 to 175000 persons in a year. It was discovered in the year 1921, and it was made public in the year 1924. Today the main Demänovsk cave of Liberty entrance is burried in the hight 870 m above sea so it is easy accesable.It has a very interesting system of hallways, underground halls and domes, and also a big amount of pretty stalagmites and stalactites.
    Besides the stalagmites , stalactites and big stone-waterfalls several rich decorated small lakes with interesting stone forms in them.The stalagmites and slaktites are not just white but too red and pink coloured.In the deepest points flows the small river Demanovka.From the total lenght of 8400 m 1800 m are made public. The cave belongs to the Demanovsky cave system , which is a National nature remembrance.The reviewing of the cave is devided into two circuits: the small one 1,2 km - 60 min and the big one 2,2 km 100 min.
    The cave is a National nature remembrance. Since the year 1993 speleoklimatic reacreations take place in this cave.

The Demänovska cave of liberty
Tuesday - Sunday
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15.V - 15.IXenter every hour from 0900- 1600
closed1.I, 16.XI - 14.XII, 24.XII - 26.XII
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    Is situated on the right side of Demanovska dolina northern from Demanovska jaskyna slobody in the cliff Basta 840 m above sea. It was made by the former flow of the river Demanovka.
   The cave was examined by Juraj Bucholz younger.The amount of inscriptions on the walls and a rich literature testify the interest on the cave. It was called Dracia jaskyna(dragons cave) too, because of there were several bones of a cave bear found which were considered to be dragon bones.In the lower parts of the cave are fascinating iceforms.The pretiest iceforms origine in the spring, when the water from the melting snow penetrates into the cave and freezes instantly. The cave is 1750 m long , and public made were 650 m.This cave is also a part of th National nature remembrance Demanovske jaskyne.
   Demanovska cave of freedom and Demenovska ice cave are situated in a wonderful and attractive turistic region, in Demanovska Dolina in the National park Low Tatras.If you are there you should visit Vrbicke pleso (a lake) too.
    The protection and working of the caves in Slovakia secures the "Slovak caves Administration" in Liptovsky Mikulas, which is a profesional organization of protection of nature in the resort of Ministry of ecology.

The Demänovska ice cave
Tuesday - Sunday
15.V - 31.V a 1.IX - 30.IXenter at 0900, 1100, 1230, 1400
1.VI - 31.VIIIenter every hour from 0900- 1600
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